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Below are some of the most common questions we are asked.
If you're question is not addressed here, please
call 1-888-847-9212

What are they made of?
We use the same materials the big three auto makers use... injection molded plastic that is chrome foil plated and triple coated with lacquer to stand up to the elements and car washings.

How long will they last?
With normal care, each plate may last longer than the vehicle it's mounted to.

How do they attach?
With peel and stick neoprene automotive-grade adhesive tape.

Will it harm my paint and how do I remove it?
If your car's paint is in good condition the adhesive will not cause damage.  Plate may be removed with the aid of a hair dryer to soften adhesive.  Soften a section at a time and gently pry up as each section becomes soft... Or have your car dealer remove your plate for you at trade-in time.  If carefully removed your Promo Plates plate may be used again by applying a new adhesive backing. 

How big are the letters?
Lower case letters such as a,c,e,n,i are 1" high
Lower case letters such as l,b,t,d,f are 1.25" high
All upper case letters and numbers are 1.25" high
Letter widths vary.  The maximum length of a  plate is 18". 

What letters and characters do you have?
We have all letters on a standard keyboard except for the asterisk
We also have a number of non-English language characters.  e.g...
ߍ 䠜  Ġ฼/font>

How long can my nameplate be?
Length of the plate is restricted by the length of the backing strip.  The letters vary in length, but we can usually get about 22 letters on a plate.   If you need all upper case letters, please limit the number of letters to 19, not including punctuation.

I need an extra long plate, is there any way you can you do it?
Probably, email us the information.  We will do everything in our power to accommodate your wishes.   The cost of the plate will vary depending on the complexity of the task.   Please strive for a maximum of 22 letters and/or numbers.  

Are there discounts for volume?
Yes.  Prices vary depending on quantity ordered and text length.  Please contact us directly for a quote.

Delivery is free world wide with a minimum order of two of any text.  For single orders please add $8.50.

Why a minimum order of 2 plates to get prepaid shipping?
It's not economical to package and ship a single plate with delivery included.  However, the two plate minimum can be of any text combination.  e.g...  1  URL Plate and 1 e-mail plate etc..

Is it really safe to buy on-line?
PrimeLinx Orders are placed through one of America's oldest and most trusted secure servers.  We never actually see your credit card number.  Ordering through us online is actually safer than paying with your credit card at a store.

What are you going to try and sell me next?
We sell only NamePlates.  We don't have secondary "bounce back" products, and we don't sell our client list!  However, we do get a lot of repeat orders, and customer's ordering as gifts for their clients, friends and associates.

Are PrimeLinx Nameplates good value for my advertising dollar?
Our customers tell us PrimeLinx Nameplates are perhaps the world's greatest advertising bargain.  Dollar for dollar there is no more productive, or cost effective form of advertising.

PrimeLinx plates retail at US $39.95 ea.  Assuming you keep your vehicle for three years,  the cost of having a URL'plate on you car works out to be about 3.6 cents per day.   If the vehicle is driven in daily rush hour traffic the plate will be seen hundreds of times  every day at a fraction of a penny per impression.   Your message will be seen in your neighborhood, on your car, and where you drive.  You may be reaching a totally untapped audience.

ష PrimeLinx Canada Inc.